Success Stories

Eliminating Errors When Processing Departmental Deposits

Student Financial Services led an effort to address the reoccurring challenges they face every day when department deposits were processed with incorrect chartstrings. Read more

 "I learned skills that I was able to reproduce to impact other areas under my scope. My office is more efficient because of my work."

Eliminating Indoor Air Quality Collection Errors

Risk Management lead an effort to eliminate data colletions errors when making indoor air quality checks. Read More.

 “The best thing about this process is everyone can learn a technique they can use to analyze ANY problem in great detail and to then develop, choose and implement countermeasures that eliminate the problem.”

Eliminating Errors When Submitting Selection Committees in University Library Faculty Job Postings

The Library Department led an initiative to eliminate error when posting and hiring new positions. Read More

“Learning and applying this process was very detailed and forced me to drill down to a level I would not have on my own. This forced me to look at the problem from a couple of different angles and I ended up with a solution that not only resolved my problem but sped up the process.”

Eliminating Errors When Submitting ePARs For Graduate-Student Hires

Academic Resources led an effort to address the reoccurring challenges they faced each hiring term when forms for salaried graduate students were often received with inaccurate information. Read more

“During the project,  I had to learn to shift my focus from problem containment to problem elimination.  It is not enough to identify a problem and attempt to “train” away the problem; to be successful, problems must be identified, examined, and eliminated”

Decreasing Student Tuition-Incentive Processing Time by Reducing Rework

The Continuous Improvement Team led an effort to identify improvement opportunities within the process to apply a tuition incentive into student accounts. Due to this highly collaborative process design, the team engaged key stakeholders from all departments involved including Registrar’s Office, Student Financial Services, and Student Financial Aid and Scholarships. Read more

“Working with the team was very rewarding. We navigated through the different problem solving steps to understand the specific reasons for the challenges, this made it easier for the team to visualize the major opportunity for improvement.”