Strategic Initiatives


Facilities Planning Design & Construction is a resource for planning, estimating, space analysis design and construction implementation services. For many departments, a critical component of initiating a project is understanding budgetary impacts. Providing an Opinion of Cost Estimate in timely, accurate and transparent manner is essential. The Estimating Team is committed to partnering with and serving the campus community to support the mission of the University of North Texas while focusing on their vision which is “To be the nation's premier university support organization, recognized for excellence in service and sustainable solutions for facilities operations, maintenance and development.”  Source: Facilities

In July 2018, the Continuous Improvement Team and Facilities launched a project to improve the estimating process with the Toyota Production System Support Center, TSSC, acting in an advisory capacity.

Project goals include: reducing the lead time associated with estimates, reducing the cost variance between estimates and actual costs, and increasing visibility of the overall process.

Lead time is the amount of time that passes from the start of a process until its conclusion”

A comprehensive visual board has been created and currently resides in the Facilities Complex. 

Facilities Visual Board






Project Roles

  • Sponsor: Bob Brown, Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration
  • Champion: Dave Reynolds, Associate Vice President for Facilities
  • Operational Leader: Helen Bailey, Director, Planning Design & Construction
  • Project Team Members: Dallas Hogue and Neely Shirey
  • Kaizen Leader: Daniela Valdez, Senior Business Process Analyst

Project activities are tentatively scheduled to conclude December 20, 2019.


College of Engineering—Graduate Admissions

The fast-growing College of Engineering offers degree programs designed to meet industry needs while increasing the scope and impact of its research. Its programs continue to pioneer green technologies and establish the college as a pacesetter in surface engineering. Improving the admissions process with a focus on customer-service, speed and communication is integral to see the number of student who enjoy an engineering education at UNT improve.

As an institutional goal to grow enrollment of graduate students, the Continuous Improvement Team and College of Engineering, with support from the Toyota Production System Support Center, TSSC, have assembled a project team to review the admissions process, identify opportunities and increase fall 2019 enrollment for the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Engineering departments.

Project Roles

  • Sponsor: Neal Smatresk, UNT President
  • Champion: Jennifer Cowley, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, and Shannon Goodman, Vice President for Enrollment
  • Operational Leader: Yan Huang, Senior Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies
  • Project Team Members: Melanie Dewey, Robert Akl, Diana Bergeman, Xinrong Li, Kathryn Beasley, Angela Millican, Cheryl Dutcher, Samantha Taylor, Jason Mieritz, Billy Roessler, Lauren Bridges-Jacobsen
  • Kaizen Leader: Daniela Valdez, Senior Business Process Analyst

Project activities are tentatively scheduled to conclude February 28, 2020.