Descriptions of each service are provided here. For more information, email to discuss a particular service and your departmental needs.  

Process Improvement 

The Continuous Improvement Team engages key stakeholders to define the current process, identify bottlenecks and envision future state process.  

We use collaboration between cross-functional teams in order to implement improvements that result in greater operational efficiency.  

The Process Analysis service may be used to evaluate current workflows and implement a more streamlined solution. The end goal is to help units increase operational capabilities.  

Process Documentation  

The Continuous Improvement Team provides guidance and facilitates the development of standard operating procedures within departments.  

We empower groups to produce their own process documents to outline the steps necessary to complete a process.  

The Process Documentation service may be used to create standard operating procedures or assess existing process documents for procedural gaps.   

The end goal is to help units retain institutional knowledge and apply consistency to daily operations.  

Problem-Solving Program  

The Continuous Improvement Team manages the problem-solving program which includes: facilitation of content, coaching participants, coordinating monthly discussions, and administrative activities.  

We teach individuals how to effectively analyze issues and implement solutions to increase work capacity and build individual capabilities.  

The problem-solving training program requires participants select a narrowly focused problem and apply the methodology to eliminate the issue. Coaching and guidance are provided on an individual basis as well as in a group setting during monthly discussions.  

Participation in the program may be used to improve processes through incremental change.  

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