The Continuous Improvement Team is dedicated to the implementation of a culture of continuous improvement at UNT. Our team engages in projects across campus to provide direction on how to identify areas in need of improvement while learning how to enhance the quality of their work, improve customer service, identify and reduce organizational waste, and increase overall efficiency within their department.

Major services include the following:

Problem-Solving Training

The Continuous Improvement Team in conjunction with the Toyota Production System Support Center developed the Continuous Improvement System, a problem solving training that teaches participants how to identify issues and effectively analyze them to implement countermeasures. The training methodology incorporates a coaching model to enhance the learning experience and successful applicability of the methodology while engaging on a narrow-focuses problem-solving activity as part of the training.

Process Analysis

We assist departments across campus with conducting process analyses to help build transparency and understanding of current-state processes by breaking them down into their component steps. This method for looking at a process focuses on identifying every performed action, business partners involved, data and/or information exchanges, challenges within the process and more. Process analysis is an opportunity to review, explain and evaluate how well the process achieves the end goal. Our team engages across campus in process mapping to help them analyze existing processes and identify improvement opportunities to remove organizational waste and increase efficiencies.

Process Design

Our team is available to engage in collaborative efforts to help create new processes or workflows for departments across campus. We take a comprehensive and tactical approach to help departments identify process steps and potential impacts when establishing the most effective and efficient process before new processes are rolled out. Our team helps explore best practices and internal efficiencies to facilitate the implementation of a process designed to promote quality work and consistency while complying with all policies, guidelines and regulations enabling us to reach UNT’s strategic goals. From a process improvement perspective, the more efficient a process is, the better your staff and your department will perform.

Process Documentation

Standard operating procedures, SOPs, are essential work guidelines and instructions for employees, these are particularly important when work activities require consistency and predictability.

Our team works with groups across campus to provide guidance and facilitate the development of standard operating procedures within their departments to fulfill the need for transparency, process documentation and retention of institutional knowledge. We empower departments to develop their own SOPs and management plan as a way to communicate and apply consistency to their daily operations. Departments have the potential to experience a wide range of benefits including time savings, consistent results, reduction of errors, reduction of training costs, and more.


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