What are the Process Improvement Project Roles?


  • Assign project champions
  • Support champions in order to overcome major challenges
  • Attend executive reviews to understand champion effectiveness
  • Learn basic TPS concepts & advocate practices as a strategic business need
  • Periodic on-site visits to understand process issues


  • Assign Operation Leader and Kaizen Leader
  • Ensure project Key Performance Indicators (KPI) support institution needs
  • Align faculty and staff to support the project
  • Periodic visits to proess improvement locations to "Go and See" and understand process issues

Operational Leader

  • Partner with Kaizen Leader to visualize and surface problems within scope
  • Responsible for ongoing daily leadership to ensure project
    • Delegate and assign tasks
    • Manage recurring touchpoints
  • Communicate barriers to Champion and request additional support if needed

Kaizen Leader

  • Spends nearly 100% of time/work on process support
  • Facilitate process mapping sessions
  • Coach process owners to understand and solve issues
  • Collect and analyse data to determine measure of success
  • Prepare and manage project documents during project duration

Project Team/ Process Owners

  • Conduct research independently and provide regular status updates
  • Promote and enable change to achieve project goals
  • High engagement and desire to improve process
  • Creativity and an openness to new ideas
  • Willingness to ask tough questions
  • Strong understanding of the process


How often does the Continuous Improvement Team offer trainings?

  • We offer our Continuous Improvement training once a quarter, depending on the number of coaches that are assisting.
  • Our office also offers Visio trainings quarterly.